Music & Audio
Content creation & Graphic Designing for social media
Photo's & editing


    Music & Audio:










    What can I do for you:

    • Adding music to your projects (check out my stock music)
    • Custom made music to fit your projects
    • Adding real life sounds to your video's to make it come alive (Foley)
    • Improving the quality of your existing audio to get that professional sound that you are after
    • Any other music or audio project you need help with


      Content creation & Graphic Designing for social media:















    What can I do for you:

    • Creating content post for your Instagram
    • Facebook & Youtube banners
    • Instagram story icons
    • Logo designing 
    • Any other graphic designing or content creation you need help with



    Photo's & editing:

    Original photo:                                         After editing:


    What can I do for you:

    • Photo shoot + editing (Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop)
    • Editing existing photo's (Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

    For more work go to my portfolio



    What can I do for you:

    • Training in Ableton software
    • Music Production Training beginners/advanced one on one or online
    • Training Content Creation in Canva


    As a creative person I am always looking through a different lens to the world than most people which always results in a unique one of a kind piece of content, I want to help you to tell your story. If you want your project to stand out and have something that nobody else has you came to the right person! I will send you regular updates to keep you in the loop of the progress that has been made. All my work is royalty free so you can use it for any kind of purpose you want with no strings attached!


    If you are interested in my service please send your request to: or you can fill in the form at the contact page

    Looking forward to working with you, let's connect!